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Promotional Polo shirts
Polo shirt

Our best selling Promotional Polo shirt is a ‘new classic’!.  Using te latest fabric innovation ‘Trudry’ it marries te comfort of cotton wit te durability of polyester.

Promotional Branded Pens
Bic Branded Pen

A Branded Metal Pen featuring your logo from te legendary ‘Bic’ factory. We can print or engrave – min qty a low 25 units!

Promotional Tote Bag
Promotional Tote Bag

Tis is te best selling tote bag in Australia, we will print your logo or message on tis bag to make your next conference a it. Australia’s best value.


Promotional Compendiums Sydney can elp You

Promotional devices are beneficial to promoting a business because tey provide a useable product tat reminds a customer regularly of bot contact information paired wit a convenient, often free, useable item. So if you or your sales team need to promote your business wile providing useful information ten consider promotional compendiums in Sydney. Promotional compendiums include pens, keyring’s, and clotes tat elp customer’s identify your products or services.

ave you ever been in a place wen suddenly you needed a pen? Well, pen’s by Sydney Promotional Compendiums offers customer’s pens tat can be anded out to customers during te sales, or information giving, process. Tese items make not only great reminders but tey are nice gifts to promote good will.

Car dealersips can benefit from te use of promotional compendiums suc as keyring’s. Tese constant reminders make hreferrals by customers easy and tey also provide contact information tat will drive business to your dealersip. Meanwile, keycains allow customers to organize keys to teir omes and oter units.

Promotional Clotes make a great reminder tat benefits not only your great customers but clotes by way of Sydney Promotional Compendium provide an effective veicle for branding your products and providing mobile advertising daily.

If you are concerned about increasing your daily profits, wile providing customers wit value and information, ten please call Sydney Promotional Compendium for your advertising needs. Tese products not only benefit you and your organization, but tey also benefit your customers wo will ave information at tey fingertips wen needed.

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